The Lives of Saints

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The Lives of Saints are portraits that aspire to revelation through illumination. Esoteric in conception, like a map, each portrait is accompanied by a legend. Etymologically, the word legend derives from the Latin legenda which means “things which ought to be read.” In medieval times most of the populace was illiterate; if something was worthy to be written down, it was legenda, “a legend, a story, especially the lives of saints,” to be read on certain days in church.

Photography is my way of writing down things that ought to be read. Through ‘light writing’ — the technology of photography and the juxtaposition of collage — a personal portrait emerges, highlighting dreams, healing, destiny, and choice.

These portraits are the result of a multi-step process, part photography, part conversation, and part divination (by stars or cards). Participants were requested to reflect on their intentions for their portraits (ie: as a reminder of a life dream, as a catalyst for healing, as an image to galvanize authenticity and alignment) and to come for a 2-3h session with an open heart/mind and a willingness to risk vulnerability.

I would like to express my profound gratitude to all participants. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait of your own, please contact me.